Fully Loaded Lean Mass - Gym Plan

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Muscle Building


Plan Duration

12 weeks


Days per week

4 workouts of 60 mins



Average 360 calories burned per workout

About this gym plan

The first 4 weeks of this plan are looking at getting you bigger and stronger. You'll be focusing on heavy weight on your lifts, with no cardio. If an exercise says build to a heavy 3, you're leaving nothing in the tank. Build up with 3 reps every set, then finish on your heaviest 3 before moving on to some percentage work to get some hypertrophy in for muscle size. We're pushing heavy in this phase of the plan, so if you need a spotter...get a spotter.

Weeks 5-8 are the refining stages of the plan as we start to introduce supersets, tri-sets and a little cardio. We'll also be looking at lowering calories slightly on this phase while increasing the work load. Rest between sets will be reduced and your sessions will include more accessory work to give a more bodybuilding feel. Weight is not the main objective of these sessions, it's about executing your exercises better to feel the muscles work as they're supposed to.

Weeks 9-12 is your cut phase, where calories will again be reduced and protein should be high. Sessions will focus on getting the muscles more fatigued instead of throwing big heavy work at them. Expect longer cardio too...not slow cardio, we want you emptying the tank and pushing hard. Make sure you're recovering, but keep rest very strict on each session.