How Much Should You Rest Between Sets?

In a world where you can get instantly lost from information overload in fitness, we like to keep things a little simpler for our members to understand. When doing your exercises in the gym, how long should you wait before doing your next set?


How quickly do YOU recover?

Everyone is unique and everyone has different fitness levels, therefore your ability to recover is unique to YOU. A beginner for example may find they need a little longer to recover as they aren’t used to the muscular endurance of working out, or the overall volume in a workout may require a longer rest between sets as you’re not as used to it. But in terms of how much should you be resting, there are some guidelines as to how you can tweak parts of your workouts for varying results.

  • Longer rest is beneficial for going heavier with your weights and working on your strength (generally 2-5 minutes)
  • Shorter rest is good for those looking to improve their muscular endurance and overall fitness levels (usually 30 seconds or under).

The Rest Timer In-App

Currently in the app, your rest between sets is automatically set based on a goal….i.e. if its a low rep set then we’ll generally give a little longer rest between sets, whereas if it’s a more intense workout you may find the rest is lower (anything between 30-60 seconds). Once you tick off a set, the rest will automatically drop in for you too!

But coming back to our point at the start, everyone recovers at different rates and it’s important to us that members have the flexibility to change things up for their own needs. If you’re wanting to change your rest times at any time during a workout, firstly tap the 3 dots at the bottom right hand corner of the workout screen:

From this workout settings menu you can choose your own rest times, a quick and simple way to adapt the app on the fly to your own needs, or to even give yourself more of a challenge.

If you’re working towards a specific goal like building lean muscle, or just dropping fat, keep this option on recommended.

If you like to stick to a certain workout quite regular, then changing rest is one way you can switch things up without changing to the total workout and it’s exercises. Give it a try next time and challenge yourself!

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