Barbell Badass - Gym Plan

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Fat Loss


Plan Duration

4 weeks


Days per week

16 workouts of 30 mins



Approx 300 calories burned per workout

About this gym plan

Instead of spending hours in the gym trying to rack up as many calories burned as possible, this 4-week plan focuses on shorter 30-minute ass-kicking circuits using a barbell. In weeks 1 & 3, you'll hit AMRAP circuits of two full body days and a lower/upper body day. Weeks 2 & 4 are all about increasing your weight and working for shorter amounts of time, this will get you stronger and leaner.

This plan uses exercises that are much better for high calorie burning, as well as helping you build lean toned muscle in all the right areas. This plan is perfect for intermediates upwards looking to drop fat quickly.