Fully Loaded Lean Mass - Phase 1 Bulk - Gym Plan

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Muscle Building


Plan Duration

4 weeks


Days per week

16 workouts of 60 mins



Approx 470 calories burned per workout

About this gym plan

The first 4 weeks of this plan are looking at getting you bigger and stronger. You'll be focusing on heavy weight on your lifts, with no cardio. If an exercise says build to a heavy 3, you're leaving nothing in the tank. Build up with 3 reps every set, then finish on your heaviest 3 before moving on to some percentage work to get some hypertrophy in for muscle size. We're pushing heavy in this phase of the plan, so if you need a spotter...get a spotter.

Repeat no more than 3 times then look to change to a new plan to avoid any plateauing. Talk to a coach to discuss your progress on this plan and get our advice on what your next steps should be.