Max Glute Development Plan - Gym Plan

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Muscle Building


Plan Duration

6 weeks


Days per week

24 workouts of 30-45 mins



Approx 350 calories burned per workout

About this gym plan

The problem with squats and deadlifts when trying to build your glutes is that they can easily (and often are) done incorrect. It's easy to perform these exercises with bad form and not even give the glutes the tension and execution they need.

This female glute development plan was designed to give you more bang for your buck with different and more effective exercise selections, more frequent lower body sessions per week and a mixture of different volumes/intensities to massively improve your glute development over 6 weeks.

The glutes could easily be one of the largest and most powerful muscles in the body so they need to be trained in a few different ways to maximally stimulate, break down and activate the fibers to build one awesome booty. Not only this, but training the glutes more often can give many benefits...

- Improved posture
- Injury prevention
- Increased strength, power and overall athleticism
- Better physique (shape & body composition)

You'll also find minimal squatting in this plan as we want to focus more on glute activation rather than just quads and hamstrings all the time on leg day. For this plan you'll need a resistance band for some of the workouts, as well as free-weights and access to some kettlebells (although there are dumbbell variations if needed). Expect to feel your glutes more than ever with this plan and expect to see some crazy growth over 6 weeks of training 4 times per week.