The Easiest Way To Get Quick Results

Everyone wants the results yesterday, want the quickest route or the easiest route to get to where they want to. be physically. While there are no shortcuts (it’ll always take some work and dedication from you), there is one huge factor that can definitely reap rewards for you a lot quicker…


If there’s one thing you should remember when working out it’s this:

“Focus on working the muscle, not just moving the weight”

By connecting with exercises and focusing on the muscle instead of just moving the weight, you are making a conscious effort to exhaust and break down the muscle fibres (which will allow them to repair and grow back stronger). Moving the weight can be sas simple as using momentum, but it doesn’t mean your squeezing the muscle hard enough! With that in mind, here’s 3 great ways to really dial in your form with your exercises and start feeling the results a little quicker.

  • Lower The Weight
    Nothing will sap your form quicker than going too heavy on an exercise, you can’t control it, end up swinging the weight and using momentum. Lower the weight, focus on the muscle working and you’ll get STRONGER quicker.
  • Slow Down Your Reps
    This goes hand in hand with the point above. With a lesser load you’ll be able to slow down the movements in your workouts and increase the amount of time your muscle is under tension (which is great for building stronger, leaner muscle). Try 3 seconds up and 3 seconds down as a good starting point.
  • Single Sided Work
    If you’ve got a dumbbell exercise or machine that allows you to move one side at a time, why not try doing all your reps on one side before switching. Not only is this great for imbalances, but it will also allow you to work on each sides form independently for better overall balance & strength.

App Quick Tip

Every exercise in the app has a demo video that will show how the exercise is performed. Simply tap on the exercise picture and it’ll bring up a video of that particular exercise.

Keep in mind everything that has been talked about when choosing how YOU want to perform the exercise. Make sure the way you execute it leaves your muscles feeling ‘worked’.

Take it from us…better form > quicker progression > better results!

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