We’re excited to announce a big step further in our vision for your Gym Plan app. Under the most challenging of times we have not held back or paused our plans to bring you the best app we can possibly make. We’re delighted to introduce you to version 7. Let’s run through the highlights and what they will help you achieve in your pursuit of a high standard of personal health and fitness you deserve.

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Focus on best results

There’s no single way to lose weight, get fit or to gain muscle. No matter what you read online the simple fact is consistency is crucial to success. Perfection isn’t what we should be seeking as it’s setting ourselves up for failure. Unless fitness is your career it’s unrealistic to expect to be able to eat perfectly every day, workout to perfectly timed schedules, push your body in perfect progressional increments, rest and recover in perfect time to maximise your results. That’s not how life works.

We know from talking to thousands of our loyal members that the results they enjoy are a result of consistency. Consistently doing okay. Not putting such strict demands on themselves and their fitness programme is so inflexible that as soon as life throws one roadblock in their way the plan falls apart. Motivation drops and we all know where this leads too. Rebound.

The focus of version 7 is to help the app work for you and your lifestyle. We want you to feel empowered to flex and adapt your workout plan without any feeling of failure. Working out 3 times per week consistently will beat a sporadic hardcore 6 times per week schedule with weeks of gaps due to burn out. Eating mostly healthy over longer periods of time will beat eating like a greek god for 14 days then binging on bad food and alcohol for several days. Okay is good! Remember it’s the lifestyle that matters not the fad diet or unrealistic quick fixes. Old habits die hard so let’s focus on doing okay for 3, 6 and 9 months ahead instead of trying to eat and train like an olympian for 30 days and expect to be able to maintain that.

Simplified navigation

The first change you’ll notice is we have reduced the main sections of the app down from 5 to 3. We’ve removed some extra complexity that wasn’t being used.


This is where you will find new plans to follow. You can choose from hundreds of coach produced plans that guide you step by step through professionaly programmed workouts. If you want more control over the structure of your workout weeks you can create your own plan. We’ll take care of giving the best variety of workouts for the structure you choose. Lastly, sometimes you want to simply search for a workout to meet your needs that day. Workout search lets you choose the type of workout you want, its duration and target areas of the body.


When you open the app you’ll be taken to your HOME screen. This is where the plans you choose to follow are stored and where you’ll quickly be able to pick up where you last left off and get working out straight away. you recommended calories (knife and fork icon), your favourite workouts (heart icon) and your account details (profile icon) are moved to the top of the screen.

New home screen


This is where you will find your workout history, weight log and statistics. (note, this section is getting some major love from our design and development team later this year).

The goal with these changes is to keep you focused on your next workout. We want you spending less time choosing plans and more time on what benefits you. We hope you like this cleaner look.

New features

Let’s talk about the main new features of version 7 then briefly talk about where these new additions are allowing us to take you.

Multiple plan organiser

The Workout Queue is replaced with the new multiple plan organiser. Each plan you choose is stored here, including customised plans. The main reason for this change is to allow you some flexibility in your workouts. As explained above consistency is key and the reality is sometimes we go ‘off plan’. Perhaps we can’t get to the gym today as planned or simply don’t feel like doing the workout that’s next up in our main plan. Switching to a workout from another plan is okay. You’re still working out, burning calories, building muscle.

Of course we recommend following plans in the order they’re programmed. They’re made that way to provide you with the right balance to aim for the best results. However, there’s often times when sticking perfectly to a plan doesn’t happen. We’ve thought deeply about this and how it makes us feel when we skip workouts or simply don’t want to do it that day. Feeling like we’ve failed by going off plan negatively effects our results. Motivation gets hit hard this is wrong.

Some of us will do whatever it takes, some won’t. This isn’t a bad thing and we don’t want your motivation to be negatively effected by assuming perfection is the only thing that will work. That simply isn’t true. Here’s a typical scenario you might find yourself in.

You commit to 4 workouts per week. Your goal is to lose weight and you choose a gym and cardio based plan. However, you also want to build muscle in a certain part of your body, for example, arms or glutes. Your plan doesn’t focus on those areas. Yes, it does have some exercises for them each week but not the the extent that you want. Now you’re questioning whether the gym and cardio plan is right for you and doubt starts to creep in.

The answer is easier than you might think. You follow your gym and cardio plan and also have a plan focused on your key target areas. Let’s say you complete 2 workouts from your gym and cardio plan then on your 3rd workout that week you switch to the other plan. Let’s call it your accessory plan. On the last workout of the week you pick up where you left off on your main plan.

You might assume you’ve broken the flow, ruined your plan? No, you haven’t. You’ve remained consistent, this massively boosts motivation and results. You have burned calories and progressed towards your goal. Remember we don’t have to be perfect and have to be consistent.

Each plan has a row of bars that show you the progress you have made through each workout. The height of the bars indicated the amount of calories burned. These bars are great for quickly seeing where you’re at. Again, motivation is key and seeing your progress can help you complete plans more often. There’s a nice surprise for you as you complete plans but we’ll let you discover that in your own time.

It’s important to note that you should not feel like you have failed if you only part complete a plan. Either leave it to pick up upon later or archive it, which removed it from your home screen. We can’t stress enough how work out consistency beats plan perfection so please don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t a completer, many of us aren’t.

Your old workout queue will appear as a custom plan called "My Old Queue". You can tap the dots to remove this if you want to start over with the new multi plan layout.

Discover plans easier

We’ve improved the way that you can find plans you want to do. You can now scroll along the screen within each collection of plans. Collections are groups of plans related to one another. For example, Gym Strength, Dumbbells & Bands. This makes is easier for you to quickly see what’s relevant to you.

AMRAP is now Max Rounds and gets a new look

We’re renowned for our challenging workouts and completing timed circuits with a goal of As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) is a fantastic ay to maximise your results in shorter workout durations. We felt that AMRAP isn’t a great name especially for beginners so we’ve renamed it to Max Rounds.

Max Rounds get a new look to help you enjoy your workouts more. Some of the feedback for the old design has led us to increase the area in which you tap the screen to register that you have completed a round. It’s much bigger now meaning when you reach to quickly tap the screen, hopefully exhausted, you don’t miss the button. We want you up on your feet, recovering as fast as possible to hit your next round with everything you’ve got. Fumbling sweaty fingers and small buttons don’t mix well in this high intensity style of working out.

You also have a new countdown design that clearly shows how much time you have remaining along with completed rounds indication circles. These circles help you pace your rounds for best performance. Setting your pace will mean you will hit high numbers, instead of going flat out in the first half and running out of steam.

Siri will help guide you on time remaining so all you need to do is focus on completing as many rounds as possible in the time remaining.

What’s next

We have work to complete on some new features and completely revamping the progress section. We’re also going to dedicate time to improving the Apple Watch app as well as improvements to the workout screens. Watch this space 🙂