New Workout Design

Workout Design

We rebuilt the entire workout screens to make them smoother, faster and easier to use.

Our goal with this update was to add as much polish to the workout experience as possible. How you feel when doing your workouts is massively important to us. An app that’s easy to use and helps you understand how to get the most out of it is key to hitting your fitness goals. We can’t be there with you so this is a vital part of our job to get right.

Help screens

Every part of your workout now has a tutorial:

  • Normal sets
  • Supersets
  • Trisets
  • Circuits

Simply tap the (?) icon next to each stage to learn more.

Design improvements

Exercise options

Tap the 3 small dots or swipe left on any exercise to view your weight lifted history or enter a new log. You can also change the exercise if you need to.

Workout Toolbar

The new workout toolbar lets you share and favourite your workout. There’s also rest timer and sound options available by tapping the 3 dots.

Auto Collapse

To help keep you focused we now automatically hide the exercises you have full completed. You expand them and edit your log anytime by tapping the chevron (top right).

We hope you like the update and this is just the beginning of some major updates to come.

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