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5 Star Review - App Store

Don’t think just do

99% of the time the plans I pick out our perfect. Just show up pull up my plan and do it. If that small % I don’t like what’s on there, OR just not feeling that particular work out, I can change it for something that suits me for that moment.

DestinyRose United States
5 Star Review - App Store

Great app with lots of choices!

Have enjoyed using this app over the years! So many choices to help mix things up. You’re able to talk to someone about programs or improvements. They’re awesome people! Lots of improvements. Such as adding the timer between sets/rests. Also have video previews of the workout to help beginners.

Cr33dster United States
5 Star Review - App Store

Best Workout Planner and Tracker 

This is by far one of the best apps I have come across for the gym. Gone are my days of wondering what my workout routine should be. I now just pick my program and follow it. I track my weights used and can see where I need to tighten up. I’m not in this to be a bodybuilder. I’m looking to be strong and stay in shape. Use this app.

retiredchiefMN United States
5 Star Review - App Store

Love this app!

I was always intimidated by the equipment at the gym until this app. I love that you can choose from several plans designed to target certain areas and there are videos to show the correct form. Feel like a pro at the gym with this app!!

curlycaramelcutie United States
5 Star Review - App Store

Not enough words

I started using this app as a ‘beginner’ in terms of strength training. Stumbled across the app and alongside my dumbbells, this has completely changed my physique. User friendly app, competitively priced subscription and wouldn’t look anywhere else. Love the genuine in app chat where comments are personable and helpful – feels like they genuinely care about training.

mattym86 United Kingdom
5 Star Review - App Store

A very good, easy to follow app

Very efficient and easy to understand & follow plans. There’s something tailored for everyone with regards to experience, level and strength. I can’t speak highly enough of how this app has helped me fall in love with gym and physical fitness. Go get it, and you can thank me later.

FrankieBobo1 United Kingdom
5 Star Review - App Store

Best fitness app after many others 

I’ve been training for 30 years, since fitness apps started I’ve probably tried at least 10, but I’ve stuck with this one for the last 5 years or so, and yes I’ve looked at others while I’ve been using this one, but I always come back to this one, because it’s the easiest one to use, it has good features, the guys that run it respond fast if u have a question and it’s a great price… I don’t mess around with other apps anymore, this one is the best in my opinion

alspencer United Kingdom
5 Star Review - App Store

What a great app!

The plans are all fantastic and there is one to suit whatever your goal is. I’ve used similar apps before but this has been the most well rounded by far, everything has been thought about and has features that other apps lack. It also allows Family subscriptions so it’s affordable as well. The customer service is also fab, I had a problem with my subscription on Christmas Day and so messaged them and they got back to me that day, now that’s service! Would definitely recommend this app!

Kristina185263 United Kingdom
5 Star Review - App Store

The best gym app out there!!

I have literally had so many gym apps and couldn’t find exactly what I wanted until this one, gym plan! It has absolutely everything I would need, I can add in my details, track progress of workouts, plans already made to follow or I can create my own, working on just 1 plan or multiple, it’s so flexible whether your wanting to loose weight, shred, build muscle or tone, this app has it all! My favourite feature has to be where you can easily track what you lift and what you lifted last time, absolute god send! Thank you

Ashleee C United Kingdom
5 Star Review - App Store

Great app for beginners or experts coming back to working out.

I had a baby…almost two years ago and was ready to get back into working out. I used to weightlift and knew my way around the gym. But I’ve since moved locations and had a new gym. The free weights station and squat rack were always busy so I looked for apps that had weight machine workouts. I love this app! I have a full routine already planned for me with this app. The app allows you to track weight per set (which is important for tracking progress). The app also counts rest time between sets so you can venture to different apps. The app then lets you know when there’s 10 seconds left until your next set so you can get ready. Overall, I love this app! And it has helped motivate me to keep up with my fitness routine!

psykat23 United States