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Love this app! It suits me perfectly. It's challenging but not overwhelming. Love the demos for each exercise and the program structure to rotate different target areas of the body each day. Highly recommended!

morrighan29 - United States.

Killer! Love this app!!! Same as other people, I've tried to look for an app that can give me a good work out routine and let me say I'm totally happy that this app has me working out like the big muscle guys!!! I freaking love it!!!!! I sit here and work out like a beast!!!!! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Let's get it!!!!!

Sinless_pr87 - United States.

Great Workouts. A lot of intensity during these workouts. Not all the workouts are free but the workout that are free, is consistently helping me getting the desired body I always wanted

Viperking10 - United States.

I've found it. I've tried a ton of different work plans and apps. As a pretty active person I was looking for something to help me when I feel apathetic towards working out. Other apps and plans are all the same standard thing and no variation. I love the creative names and the different intensity levels, amount of reps, and customized workout plan for my goals! I have already recommended it to my friends.

Ironmanthony17 - United States.

Wow! Like seriously this app is great. It's so smooth, detailed, and organized. The workouts are tough but fun and can be tailored to your personal fitness goals, which is what I like. The Planner is so convenient as well. All around great application

Wolf_Frosty255 - United States.

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