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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked thousands of questions in our in-app coach chat system. Here are some of the most popular questions.

Will it work for me?

Everyone is at a different stage of fitness. What works for one person might be too little or too much for another.

Gym Plan will move you from beginner to intermediate and beyond smoothly. Giving you the knowledge of how to workout out properly and experience unstoppable results.

Why follow a gym plan?

70% of people who attend a gym report better results following a structured plan.

Gym Plan contains a vast knowledge of how to workout properly, use this to your advantage and experience unstoppable results.

I'm new to the gym and a bit nervous

Everyone was once a beginner. Our job is to move you from beginner to intermediate and beyond so smoothly that you enjoy every single second.

Being able to visualise your workout beforehand goes a long way to improving your performance and help alleviate nerves.

We’ll help you step on the gym floor with confidence.

Is it difficult to get results?

It isn't about being perfect or living in the gym that gets results. It's about consistency! You can achieve consistency far easier than perfection.

The same is true for your nutrition. Consistently 'okay' will far out perform yoyo dieting.

Don’t feel pressure to compete the workout perfectly. You'll have days when you really crush it, then days when you don't. That's absolutely fine and all part of the journey.

Trying to be godlike with your training and nutrition is not sustainable long-term. Focus on consistency with how often you work out and how well you eat. Do this and you'll experience long lasting results.

You could go to the gym and train aimlessly and perhaps get some results but it's far better to train with a structured plan and always be working towards optimal results.

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