Does Bulletproof Coffee Work?

If you’ve never heard of this kind of coffee before then it probably sounds like some magical, marketing spin on a coffee, but it’s slightly more than what you think. Bulletproof coffee combines coffee, unsalted butter and a medium chain triglycerides (MCT), usually derived from coconut oil or MCT oil. A firm favorite among people who are doing the keto diet due to it’s high-healthy-fat content, is this a great way to fuel a workout or another marmite fitness fad?

The benefits of bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee is a fantastic way for keto diet-driven people to hit their daily macros based on it’s high fat content. It’s also claimed that the coffee will help to stabilise your appetite & hunger as well as being a calorie-rich breakfast drink to help fuel bigger, harder or more intense workouts. You can also gain some vitamins from the ingredients such as vitamins A, D and K. Being a favorite among Keto dieters, you could also argue that it can help with body composition by activating the fat-burning mode in the body. It does this by letting the body convert stored fat into ketones, this process is called ketosis and usually occurs when your carb or glucose reserves are empty.

The cons of bulletproof coffee

The main con of bulletproof coffee is its high calorie content, especially high calories from fat. Because of this, it may not be the best option for those who aren’t following a keto diet. The high fat content can also raise your cholesterol while also being quite low nutritional value due to its low protein and carb content (which is normally a healthy balanced breakfast for most people). The high liquid-fat content of the drink may also play havoc with ‘some’ peoples guts.

Should you drink bulletproof coffee?

For those who aren’t struggling with their weight, bulletproof coffee (and the keto style diet) may be a great solution. You’ll certainly feel the benefit of a greater calorie intake around your workouts/general day, while also hitting your macros lots more if you are on a keto diet. Bulletproof coffee has both good and bad effects on the body and it really comes down to you as an individual or the goals/diet you’re trying to achieve. For many, adding this high-fat coffee to their diet may not be an issue, for others, maybes not. The MCT oils in the coffee have been proven to boost energy, endurance so alongside caffeine you’d assume it’s a great pre-workout buddy…but as always with most things fitness, it’s best to try it out yourself and see what works and what doesn’t work for YOU!

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