3 Best Rear Delt Exercises

The rear delts are one of the most important muscles in the upper body. However most people neglect them, train them incorrectly and don’t give them the attention they deserve. Here’s 3 amazing exercises for your next shoulder day workout to target them.

Why is it important to train the rear delts?

The rear delts help you maintain proper posture and act as a major stabilizer of the shoulder to help prevent back pain and shoulder dislocations. They also give your full shoulder muscle structure a much more rounded and balanced appearance, especially from a side view. So if you want big shoulders…train rear delts too!

Exercise 1

Dumbbell Reverse Flye
A great way to isolate the rear delts in a bent over position. You won’t need much weight on these and you can even do them seated or lying face down on a bench if you want more isolation and burn.

Exercise 2

Rear Cable Crossovers
This one provides a smooth motion because of the cable system and also helps you to take your traps out of the equation as you can lean forward slightly while having your arms placed high. This done in high reps and low weight works wonders!

Exercise 3

Face Pulls
These are great for the upper back and rear shoulders in one movement, keeping your elbows super high with low weight once again will really up the burn and pump in your shoulders.

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