What Are The Best Exercises?

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Easily one of the most often asked questions we’ll get in the app…”What is the best exercises for…”.

To cut to the chase and answer the question…there isn’t a BEST exercise. All exercises have their benefits, they’re all calorie burners and there’s enough of them to keep working out interesting. But what makes one particular exercise ‘perfect‘ for YOU comes down to a few factors:

  • Your individual needs
  • Your anatomy and how you’re built
  • Your ability to connect with with an exercise

Let’s expand on these a little further…

Your Individual Needs

This is probably one of the biggest factors when it comes down to what exercises are right for you. For example, are you trying to grow muscle, build power and strength, move better, become fitter or better your posture? This can even be taken further once you have an answer by then considering…do you have any injuries or imbalances?

Your Anatomy/Build

Say someone is telling you that the chest press machine is the best exercise you should be doing to build your chest. But then think about how differently people are built. If you’re very broad at the shoulders for example, it may make it harder for you to actually get into the machine and be comfortable enough to use it and connect with it correctly. Short limbs, long limbs…it all comes into play when it comes to working out. People are simply built different and have to find out what works for them!

Your Ability To Connect With Exercises

A prime example of this is squats vs leg press. Person A could squat regularly and their legs grow bigger and stronger. Person B squats regular but can’t really feel it in their thighs and find that their glutes (butt) grow quicker than anything else. Person B then tries the leg press…can control it much easier and the legs start growing quicker. The point here is that you can do any exercise under the sun, but if you can’t control and execute it, resulting in you ‘feeling’ the exercise working, then you won’t see as much progress. Do the exercises that you personally see the benefits from.

So how does the app help with all this?

During your workouts if you swipe left on any exercise you can use the ‘change’ button to swap out any exercises you’re not feeling at that time.

Pressing change will bring up a menu of alternatives that you can choose from instead but will hit the same muscle group.

Play around, try new things often and 100% trial and error your exercise until you find ones that are better for you!

We’re here in app if you need us too. Just head over to the account tab to ask us a question.

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