3 Types Of Cardio That Aren’t Boring

As we approach the holiday season people will either look to keep their weight gain down, or will relax a little over the holidays to then kick back into gear afterwards. Regardless, the gym should be fun not boring, so here’s 3 unique cardio protocols you should try out that burn a load of calories and will keep things fresh.

  • Bike Lactic Sprints
    By pushing your lactic threshold, these sprint drills will help you work faster, longer and shorten your recovery time dramatically. Try lactic sprints for some awesome fat loss and conditioning. Maintain 600 watts for as long as possible (or if on a standard bike that doesn’t show watts…basically work on a high resistance level and pushing as fast as you possibly can until you fail), rest for 3 minutes…do 6 rounds. You’ll feel GREAT after this one!
  • Battle Rope Wave/Slam Combo
    There’s a reason that a lot of athletes program battle ropes into their routine…THEY WORK! The ropes improve your fitness in every way, from strengthening your core, toning your muscles and slaying calories, and as for cardio, think about battle ropes as sprinting for the upper body. Try doing waves as fast as possible for 30 seconds, then straight in to another 30 seconds of double arm slams…rest for 60 seconds then do another 2-3 rounds. This is just one example of how you can program battle ropes.
  • Medicine Ball Slams
    The medicine ball slam is done for developing power, strength, and speed (wait until you see the crossover from doing this kind of exercise on all of your gym lifts!!!). It works best for triceps, abdomen, shoulders, calves, back, glutes, quads, etc. This exercise will massively increase your heart rate and burns big calories. Try doing these as ladders, for example do 5 slams…rest for 15 seconds…10 slams…rest for 15 seconds…15 slams…rest for 60 seconds then repeat for 2-3 more rounds.

No matter the equipment you use…be creative…make training challenging AND fun and watch how much quicker you’ll see results than the half-assed approach on more boring cardio protocols.

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