5 Gym Mistakes To Avoid

We’re all human and we all make mistakes, but when it comes to the gym you may be falling short of your goals, losing some drive or keep getting injured. Here’s our top 5 mistakes that you should try to avoid in the gym to keep smashing your goals!

  1. Not warming up adequately
    If you go straight into a workout gung ho with cold, tight muscles…the chances are you’re going to end up injuring yourself. Joints and ligaments need to be warmed up correctly in order to improve your overall workout performance. Try adding in a warm up protocol or even light sets of your exercises before increasing the weight.
  2. Trying to hit a weights record every workout
    If you’re not a powerlifter then don’t train like one. Even powerlifters don’t try to hit new personal bests on their lifts every single workout. Gaining strength will take time and consistency and strength gain is never linear. Keep track of your weights, hit various rep ranges in your routine and only look to increase weights when you can do two more reps with a given weight than you started out with for two consecutive workouts, and without cheating your form…increase the weight. Increasing too soon often leads to ‘cheat reps‘ and bad form.
  3. Not utilizing your core
    A weak core will lead to weaker lifts in the gym, especially in your compound exercises such as squats, bench press, overhead press etc. When you keep your core tight, you get a solid foundation and decrease your chance of developing an injury. Start being conscious of your breathing during your reps and keep that core tight and engaged on every exercise you do, you’ll notice a little strength boost due to feeling more stable during exercises. CORE IS KING!
  4. Overworking a particular muscle group
    Every single muscle group that you workout in the gym needs time to rest and recover too. Different muscle groups can recover quicker or slower depending on the size and volume you’ve hit them with…but by constantly working out a muscle that you want to grow will not lead to quicker results. Hit a muscle group hard but doubly make sure that you recover just as hard too!
  5. Doing the same old routine for too long
    Are you guilty of doing the same exercises on the same days each time you visit the gym? Maybe you’ve been doing the same exercise routine for as long as you can remember. The ‘If it isn’t broken then don’t fix it‘ approach can actually be counter-productive after a while as you’ll hit plateaus, your body will adapt to what you’re doing and you’ll need a new stimulus to throw at it. As a basic rule of thumb, look to switch things up every 4 weeks, (easy when you’ve got an app to help 🙂

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