The Importance Of Weight Training Over 40

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It is thought that as we age, we lose strength, muscle mass and bone density (especially over 50). The probable reason for this tends to be from inactivity and not using your muscles as much as you used to. This is just one reason why weight training is equally as important at an older age (if not more important).

The benefits of weight training for those over 40 are numerous. Here’s some of the major reasons to keep it up and add strength training to your weekly routine:

  • Decreased risk of all-cause mortality (as identified by the World Health Organisation).
  • Increased muscle mass.
  • Increased mobility and functionality.
  • Improved bone health.
  • Improved cognitive function.
  • Preserve metabolic rate to burn fat

Now that we’ve outline the many positives to keeping weight training in your life. How should one go about it and does weight training need to be different for those in the older categories?

  1. If you’re in the 40-50 bracket, DON’T avoid heavy weight, low rep exercises as it has been shown to be still very advantageous for building lean muscle.
  2. Older age groups like 60+ can start to lower the weight and aim to hit higher reps with good form.
  3. In older age groups try to reduce the frequency of spinal loading exercises such as squats and deadlifts. Use the swipe and swap feature in the app to choose a machine/cable exercise alternative instead.
  4. Work on quality of reps and sometimes opt for uni-lateral (working one side at a time) exercises to help with joint stability/core function.
  5. Remember to warm up/cool down/mobility work.

    Staying true to what we’ve outlined in this blog…here’s 3 plans that you can get started on…

    Over 40’s Transformation – Lower volume but heavier weight

    Low Impact 3’sPerfect for those looking for low impact exercises

    High Rep Build Higher reps, work on form, build muscle strength

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