Starting out in the gym

6 Things Beginners Need To Know When Starting Out In The Gym

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Starting out in a gym can be daunting. Everyone is at a different stage of fitness. What works for one person might be too little or too much for another.

We’ll never say it’s going to be easy but we guarantee you will move you from beginner to intermediate and beyond smoothly. You will gain the knowledge of how to workout out properly, what works for you.

When starting out:

Go at your own pace

Push yourself but try not to overdo it and become so sore that you have to skip your planned workouts for multiple days in a row.

We’ll say this a lot, the key to results is consistency, not superhuman performances.

Focus on how you feel

Don’t feel pressure to compete the workout perfectly. That’s unrealistic and not required to get amazing results.

Focus on how you feel, you will know your limits and best efforts better than anyone.

You will not make a fool of yourself

We’ll help you step on the gym floor with confidence.

Being able to visualise your workout beforehand goes a long way to improving your performance and help alleviate nerves.

It’s okay you don’t know every exercise, we’ll help you learn. When using Gym Plan, you have a vast knowledge of how to workout out properly, use this to your advantage.

You’re in control

Remind yourself that you are in control of your workout experience and that can be a game changer for many people’s motivation and confidence.

Think of the plans as blueprints. If you complete them to the letter that is brilliant. However, so is completing 80% of a workout when giving it your max effort.

Changing an exercise or number of sets (how many times you perform the exercises) is okay.

People in the gym are thinking of themselves

Everybody is in the same boat. We’re all in the gym trying to improve ourselves and that’s where everyone’s focus is. It’s not on you, it’s on themselves.

Wear what you want

It’s not what you’re wearing in the gym it’s what you’re doing that matters. 

Turn up an in old baggy sweatshirt or the latest Gym Shark apparel. It doesn’t matter, workout in what you feel best in.

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