Exercises To Help With Rounded Shoulders

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If you’re sitting in front of a computer for hours, constantly slouched on the sofa looking down at your phone or maybes overtraining certain muscle groups like the chest…these can all lead to bad posture and rounded shoulders. People suffering from this postural issue will have their shoulders positioned in front of their chest, with a slightly rounded back which can also cause issues around the back and neck too. Here’s 3 great exercises to add into your routine that will help with this issue.

  • Resistance Band Pull Apart
  • To fix your rounded shoulders you must work on releasing the tightness of your anterior (front) shoulders, and the pecs. You must also work on your upper back muscles, so the band pull apart is a great exercise for this.

  • Standing Chest Stretch
  • It’s common that people will completely neglect stretching around workouts, however a stated above the key here is to relieve tight muscle groups as well as work opposing ones. This is a great stretch to open up your chest and gain some flexibility again.

  • Bent Over Reverse Fly
  • Another great exercise to work the opposing muscle groups in your upper back as well as your scapular retractors. This exercise also targets the rear deltoid which will help to ease up all the front tension.

    Take Away Points:

    1. Make sure your fitness routine is well balanced and you’re not overworking particular muscle groups.
    2. Look to stretch OVERACTIVE muscle such as the chest and front delts.
    3. Strengthen the UNDERACTIVE muscles in your upper back, rear delts etc.

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