Gym Lingo Explained

Whenever you’re looking up a new plan in the app, or you’ve seen/heard something from YouTube that you don’t quite understand…there’s a whole load of gym terminology out there that can make things more confusing than they should be. Here’s some common ones you may hear form time to time, but explained in layman’s terms.


A superset is a technique that involves performing two different exercises immediately after one another without taking a rest in between. You might perform exercises that target the same muscle groups or opposing muscle groups.


One of the most essential workout terms. This refers to a group of repetitions of a single exercise performed together. For example, a set of seated rows might include 10 repetitions of rows performed back to back before taking a break. You generally rest between sets, unless otherwise stated.


This is short for ‘repetition’..which is one complete movement of any given exercise. So beginning at the starting position, lifting and lowering the weight, then returning to the start position…this is classed as 1 rep. Exercises can have single or multiple reps.


A term that is simply used for the ‘progress’ you’ve made from going to the gym, which could be strength gains, muscle gains or even fat loss gains.


Delayed Onset Of Muscular Soreness (DOMS), refers to the muscle soreness you experience a day or two after a workout.


This basically refers to the ‘lowering’ phase of an exercise, or the part of an exercise where you feel the stretch more. For example, the eccentric phase of a bicep curl is when you’re lowering down the barbell after you have curled it up.


The opposite of eccentric…so the phase of an exercise where you raise the weight up and can squeeze the muscle the most. So same example, the concentric phase of a bicep curl is curling the weight up towards your shoulders.


All the same terminology for someone who is trying to lose fat/weight. Cutting refers to cutting down on the calories you are intaking each day in order to lose fat. Shred and burn are common terms for fat loss protocols too, so things like cardio, HiiT, circuit training are all ways to shred or burn fat.


The opposite of cutting…so your goal is to gain weight & muscle by intaking more calories. The fitness plan may also change up to incorporate more mass building exercises to bulk up.


Simply…the amount of weight that you use on any given exercise.

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