Gym Plan Is A Great Alternative To FitBod

If you’ve navigated the AppStore in search for a new app to appease your fitness needs…chances are you’ve probably came across FitBod before. But if you’ve ever became lost between picking between 2,3 or 4 different apps it can sometimes deter you all together. With FitBod being one of the more popular apps on the AppStore…here’s why the Gym Plan app can be a great alternative.

You’ll always find that apps will price themselves differently…but one thing we wanted to be, was affordable. Where more and more budget style gym chains are popping up everywhere…it’s still an extra expenditure that you have to take into consideration…so we wanted to stand for great quality training at a super affordable price.

To stay consistent alongside our low pricing…we wanted to create an app that is easy to navigate, use whenever you workout with as few barriers as possible. Where it can be quite easy to lose yourself with the sheer amount of features that FitBod has, Gym Plan has opted for a more streamline approach…with a search tab for all your plans…your Home Screen to keep track of the plans you’re doing…and progress tab. Nice and simple! Come in, find or start your next workout…train, log and leave.

Something we’re quite proud of is the fact we’ve create an extensive library of exercises over the past few years (almost 1000 to be exact). Couple this with the fact that you can change any exercise in the app for anything you want…meaning there’s always something fun and interesting to do in your workouts in order to always push your different muscle groups. We won’t stop there either…why not drop us a message in our chat (the next point) and let us know any others you’d like in the app.

There’s nothing worse than getting automated responses to questions that you really need answered…or having to wait days to get a response. Our chat is manned by us…the team behind the app…not people hired to run that role…the actual creators of the app. We’re here to help you, we want to help you and will always do our absolute best to answer you to the best of our ability and in a timely manner. Not bad for a super affordable app subscription.

The Gym Plan app was built on the understanding of what it’s actually like to workout in a gym…not just the good, but the bad too. We’ve been working out ourselves for years now and still do consistently…so we’ve seen what obstacles people often have to overcome in a gym and have implemented this knowledge into cool flexible features inside the app. Whether it’s changing exercises for equipment that’s busy, keeping track of your rest between sets or logging your sets so that you don’t have to remember next time…we’ve got you covered!

Try Gym Plan free for 7 days!

With our comprehensive range of workouts, exercise tracking, and progress monitoring, you will experience faster gains and unstoppable progress. You'll have a dedicated fitness companion, motivating you to crush your goals and achieve a level of fitness you never thought possible. Start your journey now and unlock a fitter, healthier you!



Whether you want to target specific muscle groups, improve your endurance, or try something new, Gym Plan will has workouts that align with your unique goals. See them all grouped in the extensive categories, such as Weights & Cardio, Bodybuilding, Transformations, Legs & Glutes, Machine Focus and many more.


You can modify an existing programme (workout routine) and edit the workouts to suit your personal tastes. Maybe you prefer one exercise over another or want to tag on your favourite exercise at the end of an awesome chest day. Simply imagine our workouts as your professional blueprint! Saving you endless time planning from scratch. Have the confidence it will work yet know it can be changed to match your needs perfectly.


Discover a vast collection of meticulously designed workouts tailored to different fitness levels and goals. From strength training and cardio to HIIT and flexibility exercises, Gym Plan has something for everyone. Say goodbye to monotonous routines and hello to exciting, challenging workouts!


Keep tabs on your workout performance and witness your growth firsthand. Gym Plan lets you easily track your exercises, sets, and reps, allowing you to monitor your progress over time. Watch as your strength and endurance skyrocket, and stay motivated by celebrating every milestone you achieve.


Push your limits and set new personal records with Gym Plan. Track the weights you lift and the calories you burn. As you consistently beat your previous achievements, you'll experience the satisfaction of knowing that you're making significant strides toward a fitter, stronger you.


We understand the importance of motivation in reaching your fitness goals. That's why Gym Plan offers a variety of training styles to keep you inspired. Plus, chat live with our team who provide support every step of the way.

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