How To Boost Gym Motivation

Two common problems that people face when trying to find the motivation to workout are;

  • Not knowing what to do.
  • Not being in the right mind frame or self doubt.

As thousands of people turn to the internet, personal trainers or fitness apps for answers and guidance on what to do and how to do it, sometimes it can take more in order to push you to actually even start doing anything. So next time you feel a lack of drive and need that little push to get you up and started, try some of these simple techniques.

  1. Music – One of the best motivators around and great for releasing some feel good vibes. So before your next gym session, create a killer playlist of your favourite tunes that really get you going.
  2. Goals Or Systems? – Goals are great because they give you something to work towards. Systems are the way in which you aim to get there, i.e. having a plan and sticking with it. The latter is a much better mentality to use as goals teach you to be unhappy until you reach a certain point, whereas a focus on the system you use will keep your eye on the prize constantly. Each session counts, every set, every rep…
  3. Variety – Gym Plan is very much a flexible workout app. Each time you come back into the app you’ll have a brand new workout to take on, either from your structured plan, one you’ve made yourself or simply a daily workout for that session…keeping it fresh, challenging and exciting. Variety of workouts will take you from where you are now, to where you’ve never been before, simply because it’s a new stimulus to your body. So that plateau that you hit months ago…and your body doesn’t seem to be changing? Well it’s time to switch things up.
  4. Training Companion – Some people train alone, some train with friends, whatever your preference, a training buddy can always come in handy at some point, especially for the challenge and motivation side of things. This is also why the app features a ‘family sharing’ option! There’s nothing better than seeing how a friend or family member progresses alongside you, as you keep each other motivated and consistent too.
  5. Get Outside – It’s often said that the hardest lift you’ll do is the one to get up off the couch. Being cooped up indoors all day won’t do anything for your motivation to go train, so make sure to get some outside gains too. Even try taking on a Gym Plan bodyweight workout outside to release some mega-feel-good hormones. A workout is a workout and simply starting somewhere could be the kick you needed to eventually get back to your normal gym routine.

Motivation is always one of the biggest factors to staying on the training wagon, it isn’t easy but persistence and perseverance ALWAYS pays off. Use these tips, train hard and most of all…enjoy your training!

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