How To Train Lagging Muscle Groups

Everybody has muscle groups they find hard to grow, are quite stubborn, or simply lag behind other faster growing muscles. A lot of it does come down to your own genetics, however there are some ways you can workout to get round this problem.

  1. Train the muscle group more often.
    Sometimes training a particular muscle group just one time per week isn’t enough and you may need more. Try putting the muscle group you’re trying to grow at the start and end of the week, allowing sufficient time in between for recovery. Going from 1 to 2 sessions per week on that muscle group will give great results.
  2. Exercise Selection.
    Not everyone gets the same out of every exercise. Some people just connect better with certain exercises and ‘feel it’ in the right ways. Choose exercises that you can execute well, add weight to and still execute it well and exercises that you visually see the most value from. This is where the swipe-and-swap feature on your workout comes in very handy!
  3. Strip things back.
    This should be point number 1 to be fair, but here we go…FORM BUILDS MORE MUSCLE THAN JUST CHASING HEAVIER WEIGHT. You may think this isn’t the case, but jumping up in weight on exercise before you’ve mastered your form will often lead to sloppy, in-effective form on your exercises. Lower the weight, start over, focus on the feel and you’ll see HUGE improvements.
  4. Dumbbells Over Barbells.
    If you’re finding that your imbalance lies in the same muscle group, i.e. one shoulder seems to be growing more than the other, a good way to tweak this is to start doing uni-lateral exercises. What this means is that you’ll train one side, then the other side independently. This is where dumbbells sometimes have an advantage over barbells, or doings single armed/legged exercises can help too.
  5. Be realistic.
    You’ll often keep falling short if you want legs like your favorite celebrity, or abs like the person in the advert you saw. Focus on YOUR results and making small regular improvements to YOUR body. We’re all made up genetically different so it’s impossible to have replica muscle groups of someone else. Take pictures at the start of your journey, work hard, then take pictures again later on…this way you’re keeping your own visual progress to monitor things.

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