Non-Traditional Exercises For Shoulders

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A good shoulder day will often include some pressing overhead movements and variations of raises. However, if these have become boring for you or you’re simply looking for a little inspiration for a new workout, here’s some great alternatives that will create a new challenge for you.

Kneeling Arnold Press

This kneeling variation will bring your core into play much more, making the exercise more challenging. The magic of the Arnold press is that it works so many different muscles in the shoulders.

Shoulder Arches

A team favorite here at Gym Plan…Dumbbell shoulder arches BURN and give your shoulders an intense workout. Part fly, part raise, this exercise can be done standing upright or lying on a flat or incline bench. You don’t need to go heavy on these ones!

Lying Cable Lateral Raises

If your gym is lucky enough to have wrist attachments for the cable system, then even better as it will isolate this movement even more for you, if not you can use the handles. By laying flat you can fully isolate your side delts, taking the (much used) swing-cheat, or shrugging aspect of a poorly performed lateral raise. This is a GREAT side delt exercise.

Barbell Rotation Press

Another unique shoulder exercise that will work your rotator cuffs (often avoided area of the shoulders, helps to stay injury free), as well as your front and side delts due to the pressing part of the exercise. If that wasn’t enough, there’s even a slow lowering portion of the exercise that works your strength and stability through the shoulders too.

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