Should You Have Carbs During A Workout

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When it comes to working out, people will all have their own approach because of what they feel works best for them. Some will opt for a meal 1-2 hours before a workout, some will train fasted and others will eat something sugary right before a workout. But when it comes to DURING a workout, what would consuming carbohydrates result in?

The benefits of carbs during (intra) a workout

If you workout first thing in the morning, you may experience a boost in workout performance by drinking a fast digesting carbohydrate throughout your workout.

You will also benefit from intra-workout carbs if your workouts are very high in volume and intensity, as well as endurance athletes who workout for longer periods of time.

If you train for pure strength gains, rest periods between sets are usually greatly extended, so workout length increases too. Intra-workout carbs can benefit these people too as it will replenish your used glycogen (stored energy).

You may notice improved recovery between workouts due to consuming intra-workout carbs.

Any drawbacks of consuming carbs intra-workout?

If you’re already consuming enough carbs around the day to restore lose glycogen (stored energy), then also consuming intra-workout carbs, there is a possibility that you may not be burning off enough carbs (which could lead to fat storage) if your workouts aren’t long or intense enough

Some people may struggle to workout with a belly full of liquid if they’ve already consumed a pre-workout meal.

Best sources of intra-workout carbs?

  • Maltodextrin (supplement)
  • Lucozade sport/Powerade (isotonic sports drinks that replenish lost electrolytes)
  • Gel energy bars
  • Bananas
  • Handful of jellies

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