An Apple A Day…

When it comes to pre-workout fuelling, it can massively vary from person to person in what they choose to fuel with. From pre-workout supplements full of caffeine, to protein and carb rich meals 1-2 hours before a session, or even quick acting snacks that provide an instant boost to your energy levels. Today we’re looking at the latter and why apples are such a good option for a pre-workout snack.

5 reasons why apples are so good pre-workout

  1. It’s a good pre-workout ‘carb’
    An apple is a good carb to have before a workout because its high fructose content makes it low-glycemic since the liver must first convert it into glucose. Glucose is a great, quick energy source that will help fuel workouts.
  2. Apples are hydrating
    That’s right, apples can actually help you hydrate before workouts as they are made up of 80% water. Being de-hydrated for workouts can be detrimental and bring on fatigue easier, so snacking apples can help.
  3. They boost your immune system
    Apples are high in antioxidants and Vitamin C which will give you a much needed immune boost. When you do a lot of heavy lifting or intense workouts such as compound lifting or intense HiiT, your central nervous system can take a hit, meaning it can lower your immune system. It’s important to stay fit, strong and healthy so apples can help.
  4. Can be stacked
    Another great thing about apples are they they aren’t too heavy on the stomach, so they can be stacked with another snack to make a more complete pre-workout snack. Try adding peanut butter or yogurt to your apple for example for a great carb/fat/protein intake before a workout.
  5. Can boost fat loss?
    Apple skins contain a high dosage of polyphenol which regulates blood sugar levels and reduces insulin resistance. But some studies have also shown that polyphenols could help reduce body fat due to the increased activity of genes that spur fat-burning in the body (stimulating thermogenesis and energy expenditure).

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