The Benefits Of Weighted Circuits

In the app you’ll see them as ‘circuits (but also known as ‘giant sets’), this intense form of training can really change the stimulus in your routine and kick start your results again.

The difference between a normal circuit and a giant set circuit, is that giant sets feature four or more exercises on one muscle group. This increases the intensity, volume and workload in a shorter amount of time.Giant sets workout can significantly enhance your fat loss and amplify new growth in your muscles. Here are some other benefits of doing giant set training.

  1. Target a single muscle group from all angles hitting deep muscle fibers and stimulating growth.
  2. Force more blood into a specific muscle group (the pump) to create an effect that encourages extreme gains.
  3. Help overcome a training plateau to further encourage fresh new gains.
  4. Entire workouts can be completed in only 30–45 minutes with the same or more volume than your usual longer, stretched-out sessions.
  5. Try out more exercises in one workout for a particular muscle group, opening your eyes to different ways of hitting muscle groups.
  6. Gain muscle while losing body fat. Giant sets are amazing for growth, but you’ll soon feel the intensity and sweat from these metabolism boosting circuits too.

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