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The Forgotten Muscles

When it comes to someones gym routine, they can come in all different forms. Chances are though, that there’s always a muscle group or two that you don’t like to train as much, or even completely leave it out of your routine. Here we go over some of the forgotten muscle groups and why you SHOULD still train them.

Rear Delts (Shoulders)

Easily one of the most undertrained muscle groups and you can normally tell by posture, arms rolled from chest and front delts being overtrained. Most people will either leave out any kind of rear delt exercise, focusing on pressing and lateral raises instead (of which are front and side delts, not rear), or some will simply do minimum exercises and/or sets for rear delts, with volume being angled towards presses and raises instead. By doing rear delt exercises you will also develop the back of your shoulders giving them a more balanced and fuller look, as well as reduce the ‘arms rolled in‘ chesty look! Try balancing your shoulder days between front, back and rear delts evenly.

Good Exercises:


The rear delts of the leg muscles 🙂 and another highly avoided muscle group…why?? Probably because most people like to pump up the muscles that you can see…i.e. in a t-shirt/jumper etc. Just look rear delts, training your calves will not only give you a more developed and well-rounded look, but training calves effectively can massively increase your athleticism. Strong calf muscles are the foundation for stability in our bodies while we stand, run, jump or even generate power from the ground upwards i.e. deadlifts, squats. By training your calves you can improve your foot, ankle and knee stability and reduce the chance of injuries too.

Good Exercises:


Either you love and enjoy doing abs in your routine, or you don’t train them exclusively at all. Yes, certain compound exercises engage your core massively, but if you’re wanting a stronger and more defined core you should definitely be isolating them more. A strong core is the foundation of practically all of your lifts. You’ll get stronger, look leaner and massively reduce the chance of injuries, especially to your back by training your core more. Also, when people DO workout their core, they often forget about the lower back (which is part of your core muscles), so make sure to add in some good-mornings, low back extensions, or even deadlifts.

Good Exercises:

Rotator Cuffs

During arm movements, the rotator muscles allow full range of motion and provide stability, additionally the rotator cuff muscles help in the mobility of the shoulder joint. With the shoulders being one of the most common injury muscle groups from working out, this is why it’s so important to be strengthening the rotator cuffs. Whether it’s with bands, cables or light dumbbells…adding these in can massively up your shoulder day game!

Good Exercises:

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