Two-A-Day Workouts

Two-a-day training requires can be great for accelerating your results as you increase the overall workout volume per week, as long as you program it right and get adequate rest. Training twice per day isn’t for beginners or those shorter on time, but here as some benefits of trying them out sometime…

Improve Your Performance

Shorter workouts with lower volume per workout will allow you to focus on form and power with less fatigue during the workout. This lets you focus on maximum performance without worrying about pacing yourself throughout a longer workout or having to take rest days to recover from the intensity and volume of previous workouts.

Shorter Workouts, More Often, Better Results

Doing two-a-days can help you do more workouts throughout the week by shortening the length of each workout. e.g. one 1 hour workout could be split into two 30 minute workouts am/pm. This will massively help with fatigue but also speed up results as you’re essentially getting more done over a week.

Build More Lean Muscle & More Strength

Research has shown that increased training frequency can lead to increased muscle growth because weight training stimulates protein synthesis, which is ultimately responsible for adding new muscle as you break it down and build it back up again. Higher frequency equals more hormonal response in your body.

General guidelines to try two-a-day workouts…

  • Aim for at least 4-6 hours of rest between workouts to aid recovery and reduce fatigue 
  • Have at least one meal between training sessions to fuel and recover
  • Do different muscle groups, reps, loads or workout type (cardio/circuits/weights) each workout
  • Start out with two-a-days 1-2 x per week and increase slowly, don’t overdo it

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