What Each Lat Pulldown Attachment Does

Easily one of the most popular back exercises when it comes to back day, is the lat pulldown. With the ability to change different attachments to the cable, it can add great variety to your back strength work, but does each attachment work your back in a different way? Here’s an easy to understand run down of the different attachments you can use and the benefits of each.

Lat Pulldown Attachments

Wide Overhand Grip
The wide grip lat pulldown more width to your back, specifically the outer lats. This wide grip also reduces bicep forearms use, making your lats work even harder.

  • Close Underhand Grip
    An underhand grip allows you to pull the weight down further than you would with an overhand grip. you’ll be able to squeeze harder with your lats because of this, which helps to build a thicker, stronger back. You may also be stronger on this over wide grip as you use your biceps a lot too.
  • Dual Grip
    Very similar to underhand close grip lat pulldown. This grip puts your arms in a stronger position, so you can generally pull more weight and squeeze harder while having your hands in a neutral, palms-in position.
  • Rope Pulldowns
    A great grip strength exercise as well as back and bicep targeting. This is great for helping with forearm strength too, although you may not be able to handle as much weight as close or dual grip lat pulldown.

Other Variations

Single Arm Pulldowns: Great for working each side independently to avoid any imbalances.

Straight Arm Lat pulldown: Great for getting a bigger stretch out of the lats due to your body being slightly leant forward.

Give them a go next time you have them on a back day, or try swapping out one particular lat pulldown exercise for another by swiping left on the exercise, then pressing change.

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