It's best to use a gym workouts app

Why you should be using a gym workout app

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The amount of gym memberships estimated worldwide and still growing.

With 1 in 5 people feeling gym intimidation, that’s a whopping 37,000,000 people that need guidance and help to make the most of their time in the gym. Not to mention the millions of regular gym-goers who see little improvement through the lack of a proper structured routine.

In today’s tech-savvy world, fitness apps have revolutionized the way we approach our workouts, and there’s solid science behind why they can be more effective than going solo. Helping curb the feeling of not knowing what to do in the gym.

Firstly, accountability plays a crucial role. The Gym Plan app incorporates features like progress tracking with your weights, reps, hours you’ve put in and muscles that you’ve worked, which help users stay committed to their fitness goals. Studies suggest that individuals are more likely to adhere to a fitness plan when they feel accountable to someone or something, and apps provide that virtual accountability partner.


Fitness apps will often offer tailored workout plans based on users’ fitness levels, goals, and preferences. The Gym Plan app goes one step further by allowing total freedom and customisation while doing any of your workouts. You can change exercises, edit your sets or reps or even add in additional exercises if you’ve got more in the fuel tank. This customization not only optimizes the efficiency of the workout but also enhances motivation by ensuring that the exercises are enjoyable and aligned with your individual needs.

Why it's best to use a gym app

More guidance

Additionally, features in the app offer immediate guidance on form and technique by simply pressing the exercise thumbnail video, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring exercises are performed correctly for maximum benefit. This guidance fosters a sense of engagement and mastery, which are crucial factors for long-term adherence to any exercise routine.

Video guidance

Break that continuous comfort zone

If you’re hitting the gym regular without any set plan in mind, the chances are you’ll always just end up doing the same thing over and over, usually choosing exercises that you can perform best as you ‘feel them’ the most. Where this is not necessarily a bad thing, you’ve probably hit a plateau a long time ago. Break the mould, let someone else change things up for you by offering you new fitness plans & exercises that still aligning with your goals and needs (as well as then have the ability to tweak things for perfection) and you’ll see way more progress sooner.

A team that care

Lastly, the in-app chat aspect in the app cannot be overlooked. Being able to ask any of your fitness or app related questions with like-minded individuals who also regularly work out, fosters a supportive environment that boosts your motivation and accountability.

Blend all these elements together to make a powerful tool for optimizing your workout effectiveness and adherence compared to traditional, go-it-alone methods.

Gym Plan - Gym Workouts App

Rep by rep you'll experience what proper gym training can do.

Save time structuring your routines and avoid making mistakes with your workouts.

With exercise tracking, progress monitoring and the ability to modify existing workouts.

Crush your goals and achieve more than you thought possible.

Start training with us today and unlock a fitter, stronger and healthier you!

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