3 Glute Exercises That Aren’t Squats Or Deadlifts

So you’re on the mission for bigger, stronger, rounder glutes and you’ve been told to do heavy squats or deadlifts, preferably sumo stance?! There’s actually way more fantastic glute building exercises you could try out if you’re looking for something new and fun in the gym…here’s 3 that you’ll definitely feel the next day…and they aren’t squats, deads or hip thrusts.

Rope Pull Throughs

The cable pull-through is a great exercise that trains the powerful muscles of your posterior chain. These include the hamstrings, the glutes, and the lower back. It is considered to be a great alternative to the deadlift or hip hinge movements like hip thrusts. The reason this exercise is so great, is that the use of the cable system allows you to really focus on and¬†glute activation. The movement will feel smoother, you’ll get a better burn and you’ll be able to squeeze your glutes way harder with this exercise.

Single Leg Press

You don’t see this exercise done for glutes nearly as much as you should in a gym…the burn is insane and you’ll really feel the benefit of it the day after the workout in your entire glutes. The traditional two-legged leg press mainly works the quadriceps. The single-legged leg press still works the quadriceps, but the glutes are activated more. You can also work each side independently while also having more stability, allowing you to really drive through each glute on your sets. Better form = better growth!

Heavy Kettlebell Swings

Another fantastic exercise that this time trains more explosiveness in your glutes. By training these different muscle fibers (fast twitch) you can actually build more muscle and be more athletic in the process. Ever seen sprinters with poor glutes? To make this really work, focus on going heavy with fewer reps so that you use more explosive hip drive. If you’ve never done the exercise before though start out lighter and build up until you have the form nailed.

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