Unorthodox Gym Exercises

How many times have you looked around the gym and seen people doing exercises that you’ve never seen before or even know the reason behind doing them? We’re big believers in keeping your exercise routine fun and varied to relieve boredom and keep challenging your body. Here’s 3 exercises that have a great carry over to your other exercises in the gym.

Medicine Ball Chest Pass

This is an explosive exercise that works extremely well as a warm up for your chest and shoulder exercises. The explosiveness of the exercise is great for ‘switching on’ your fast twitch muscle fibers ready to go and lift some weights after. A variation of this exercise would be plyometric push ups (or clap push ups as most know them as). But where explosive push ups can be hard for most…this is an exercise anyone can use to get more athletic, prep muscle groups and burn some fat. This can be done against a wall, or towards a gym partner.

Bear Rows

The Bear Plank Row is a nice variation of a traditional plank, with the lower back in a better position that is more comfortable. Bending the knees engages the quadriceps too, then add in a row and you’ve got a fantastic full body exercise that will really challenge you. This can be done with dumbbells as a full body exercise or as bodyweight only, holding the bear stance for a great core and lower body exercise.

Medicine Ball Carry

We have all seen people in the gym just walking around carrying weights such as kettlebells, dumbbells, and maybe even sandbags or medicine balls. It may look easy since they are just walking, but carries are a complex exercise that can work your core, conditioning, grip strength and work as a great fat loss protocol at the start or end of workouts. Don’t knock this until you try it…and go heavy as an added challenge!

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