Working & Working out

One of the biggest culprits for many people being physically and mentally burnt out, is being stuck at their computers and laptops working from home. Finding time to separate work, home, family, a social life and the gym can be stressful, but if there’s one thing people can benefit from while working at home, it’s moving a little more. Posture goes out the window, not to mention the stresses of work-home life, so here’s some reasons and solutions to find a better balance and still get your gym time in.

Getting out the house will boost your mental & physical health

There’s no good in staring at four walls all day, it’ll end up dampening your mood if you feel like you’ve got to be stuck in one place for too long. Your workout for that day doesn’t have to be getting to the gym, a simple 30-60 minute walk earlier in the morning, mid-day for lunch or even after work can work wonders (not to mention burn fat too).

Allocated time slots

If you function better day-to-day by planning and structuring your routine, then make sure to pencil in for gym time too so that you can stay on track. Similar to above, look to get it in early before work, during lunch or even after a stressful day at work to unwind and de-stress. Workouts don’t have to be hours long to see results, so even if you’re rushed for time try decreasing your workout time by reducing rest between your sets, super-setting exercises or doing full body movements to get more done in less time. Plan your day…include the gym as part of it if it’s important to you!

Workouts can be done ANYWHERE

If the gym is a bit of a trek for you and you simply can’t find the time, firstly don’t feel guilty. It’s ok to miss the gym sometimes, you’re NOT going to change physically in that short a timeframe. Secondly, you could workout somewhere else…closer to home! This could be a park doing bodyweight exercises to tick over, a run, or even working out at home if you have any weights, bands or kettlebells. Even loading jugs of water can act as a weight, your body doesn’t care and it still allows you to move your body and work your muscles until you have more time to get back to the gym. Don’t feel guilty, just do what you can!

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