Gym Quotes That Aren’t True

The chances of you hearing at least one of these popular sayings around going to the gym are high. But with so much information overload, it can sometimes be hard to choose what to believe. Here we go through a few of these sayings and why they’re not necessarily true.

No Pain No Gain

Probably the most popular of all the sayings about going to the gym, but the one can be taken in the totally wrong context. If you’re working out and feeling pain, then something isn’t right. Joints, ligaments, muscles all get worked with exercises, so if there’s pain from a movement you’re either performing it incorrectly or possibly suffering from poor mobility on that exercise. Another way the saying can be taken out of context is that each exercise should hurt in the sense of ‘burn’ which is a build up of lactic acid. Not every exercise has to be taken to this point in order to get a great workout. Always choose controlled intensity over pushing your body to something it can’t handle. Constant soreness can also be a good indicator that you’ve pushed too hard and are under-recovering.

No Days Off

Continuing on from the above point, doing too much too often can actually have an adverse effect on your results instead of speed them up. Your body needs rest in order to help muscles repair and grow as well as allow ligaments, tendons and joints to recover from intense and heavy workouts. Even high level athletes have recovery days, so unless each workout you do through the full week is of lower intensity and volume (as well as having dialled in nutrition, sleep and hydration) then allow your body to recover too…you WILL make more progress.

Turn That Fat Into Muscle

Another huge myth that you may have heard before, but again totally incorrect. During weight loss, fat is taken from fat cells and used to produce energy in the body along. It isn’t weirdly taken from fat cells, then turned into muscle from a mysterious body magic. Weight loss allows you to drop fat, while strength training will help you to build or maintain muscle tissue. You also can’t change muscle into fat. Fat and muscle are different types of tissue, and one can’t be converted into the other. Try not to overthink your training, use a combination of weights & cardio for the best all round results. Eat more calories to put on weight, eat less to lose weight!

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