Facts About Working Out Besides The Obvious

We all know the obvious benefits of working out in the gym…you can change your body, get fitter, bigger, leaner, stronger etc. It’ll even boost your mood as well as clear your mind after stressful days. The gym is GREAT, so here’s some other awesome benefits you may not know about.

Prevent signs of ageing

Studies have found that higher levels of physical activity are related to longer telomere lengths (which shorten as we get older) in some people, compared to those who are sedentary. Longer telomeres…less ageing signs.

Improve your brain function & memory

Working out helps to create new neurons in the brain’s memory center, which can aid in your thinking and memory.

Become more productive

It’s well known that working out releases the ‘feel-good’ endorphins…but this also aids in your productivity following a workout. You’ll feel driven to do more!

Harden your immune system

Exercise increases blood & lymph flow as your muscles contract and work, this enhanced circulation also increases the circulation of your immune cells, giving your body more and enhancing your immune system. Just make sure to still have rest days though as working out TOO MUCH can negatively impact recovery and immune system too. Find a good balance and stay strong & healthy!

You’ll sleep way better at night

The National Library of Medicine found that doing moderately intense exercise on a consistent basis can reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep by up to 50%. So if you’re feeling up to it, stick with the routine as it can benefit your sleep patterns. If you want some other ways to boost your sleep quality…read here

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