How To Smash Your New Year Gym Goals

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We set goals to lose weight, get stronger, build better butts or pecs, etc. constantly hitting the gym hard, but life can get in the way sometimes (or even the pandemic) so we stop, or cut down until the cycle starts all over again. If you’re determined to achieve more this New Year, giving it your all, then here are 10 great tips to stay on course and smash your fitness goals no matter what they are.

  1. Have a workout plan ready
    Choose a plan that matches your goals, it will show you how you’re going to get there! Execute your plan consistently until you achieve your goal. Consistency is where most people fail!
  2. Focus on form
    This could be the first time you’re doing certain exercises, or you’re simply returning to the gym after a hiatus so make sure your technique is correct to make your muscles work harder and more efficiently. Good form will also help you get stronger quicker!
  3. Balance your time
    If your workouts become a ‘chore‘ you’ll soon find them boring enough to drop easily. Find a good balance in your life between socialising, work, family, gym to be overall happier. You could even try having set gym times/days then outside of that is all you.
  4. Have a gym buddy
    A gym partner can help keep stay motivated as well as keep you accountable when you don’t want to go to the gym or are not putting in the effort. It’ll also help knowing someone else is going through the same fitness journey with you.
  5. Make your workouts fun and enjoyable
    Just like point 3, if you aren’t enjoying something then it’ll quickly be dropped. Find a fitness plan with a goal and exercises that excite you, exercises you feel you can progress on or even choose plans based on the fact they have all the exercises you feel the benefit from most. If you’re happy, and ‘feel‘ the benefit, you’ll stay consistent!
  6. Meal prep
    Eat good, feel good, look good. Pre-planning your meals is a great way to stay consistent with working out too as you’ll generally see and feel the benefits from a healthy diet almost instantly. You can’t outwork a shitty diet, so by meal prepping all your food is ready to go for the day.
  7. Allow yourself cheat meals
    Following on from the meal prep tip, also allow yourself a cheat meal of your choice 1-2 times per week. It’ll keep you sane, help with cravings you’re having and reduce the chance of you wanting to just give up. Stay strong for as long as you can, then use the cheat meal when the time is right!
  8. Drink more water
    This one is a given really. Water makes up most of your body and is required for everything your body does, including digestion, brain function, muscular function etc. so aim for roughly 6-8 glasses of water per day (more if you’ve done hard workouts where you’ve lost a lot of sweat).
  9. Celebrate any and all progress
    We’re often so focused on the process that we forget to celebrate progress that has been made, big or small. Losing an inch off your waist, increasing your strength on squats, doing more reps on an exercise that you plateaued on, hitting the gym 4 times per week instead of 3. These are all achievements that you should be proud of. Progress is progress.
  10. Take pictures
    When you start out with new goals people quickly get in the habit of checking themselves in the mirror daily, so you become so used to looking that you aren’t seeing the progress OVER TIME. Take pictures at the start of a new plan then at the end, you might just amaze yourself at how far you’ve came.
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