Top 3 Bicep Builders

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Who doesn’t love a good arm day workout? Although building bigger ARMS should result in more focus on the TRICEPS, some may still want to work on their bicep development. Here’s 3 of our favorite exercises to hit your biceps and give you more value from your workouts.

Incline Curls

The Incline Dumbbell Curl allows for a bigger and better stretch through the biceps and works through a greater range of motion. This in turn limits the likelihood of you “swinging” the weights. This can be done with dumbbells or even with the cable system and handles set low for a smoother rep.

Spider Curls

Much like the seated incline curls, this curl variation allows you to use barbell, dumbbell or cable systems for an increased range of motion, BETTER squeeze and constant tension on the muscle while isolating it. A GREAT bicep builder. This exercise is also great for working on the peak of your bicep as the squeeze at the top of the movement is tremendous!

Chin Ups

Chin-ups are not often used for this desired outcome, but don’t under-estimate how amazing they are for building bigger arms.They’re a big, heavy compound lift that works our biceps through a large range of motion while pulling your whole bodyweight (even more so if you’re able to add weight to it). You’re also using an underhand grip, which is the same positioning you’d use on a curl variation. DO THESE FOR ARMS, TRUST US! (If you can’t do full chin ups, you can also use the assist or do inverted rows with an underhand grip too).

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