How To Waste Your Gym Time

We’ve all had weeks where we’re a little short on time, but still adamant to get a good gym session in regardless. So you’re rushing around, you only have 30-60 MAX to get done what you want to, but when you’re working out you’re just not getting as many things done as you’d like. Here’s some ways that you may be wasting your gym time and how you can get around them.

Chatting with other gym members

The gym is a social place and one of the best things about it is talking with other like minded people who are also there to reach their goals. One the other hand if you’re super stretched for time, then chatting for 10-15 minutes is cutting into prime workout shredding.

Solution? You could try having headphones on (a sure fire way to show people you’re there to work out), train with a friend/PT or simply leave whatever time you do have left at the end to catch up with people.

Messing about trying to find the right music

Nothing is more motivating than the right music at the right time. But you’ll often have them days where you just can’t seem to find the right music to get you into your workout.

Solution? Try creating a playlist BEFORE you go to the gym, even the night before so it’s all ready to just hit play. Use shuffle on your music too to bring up some golden oldies you haven’t heard in a while!

Scrolling social media between EVERY set

This one I’m sure we’re all guilty of. You’ve finished a set, the first thing you do is whip your phone out to check what’s happened in the last 60 seconds on social media.

Solution? Have some self-constraint. You’re already rushed for time, you’re not going to miss much in the space of your workout. Keep your phone on you for music purposes only (and your gym plan workouts 😉 ) and focus on your workouts, not Instagram/Facebook etc.

Winging it in the gym

Walking into the gym and winging it is one of the easiest ways to let time slip away. You’ll walk from exercise to exercise, machine to machine without any idea of what you want to do.

Solution? Having a plan set in place and ready will help you to figure out which exercises to do, how much weight, how many sets, and the number of reps to do for each of your exercises. Your plan will also be set for a duration i.e. you’ve only got 30 minutes, but it’s all good as your workout is a 30 minute one to follow along.

Locker room chills

When you say you’ve got 45 minutes to work out, are you taking into consideration the 5-10 minutes before and after in the locker room? Getting ready, taking make up off, sorting your locker, having showers etc. This can massively reduce your overall gym time.

Solution? Make sure your gym bag is well organized, change into your workout clothes BEFORE going to the gym and take a bathroom break before you get to the gym too. If you’re super rushed, save your post-workout shower until you get home.

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