4 Cardio Myths For Fat Loss

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1. Prioritize cardio over weights.

Strength training helps you to build lean muscle, which will increases your metabolism and decreases body fat. Muscle tissue is much more metabolically active therefore the more muscle you build through your use of weights, the more calories you can burn. Where cardio is good for fat loss/weight loss, mixing both weights and cardio will always give much more bang for your buck!

2. Just do lots of HiiT training for quicker results.

HiiT cardio is much more intense that steady state, slower duration cardio. It will impact your central nervous system much more than light cardio, therefore you WILL need appropriate rest days to let your body recover (especially when adding weights to the mix too). Balance your routine between HiiT and lower intensity cardio (lower intensity cardio also burns fat at around 65% of your heart rate), or look to have a day off between HiiT workouts. Here’s another blog we wrote if you’re wondering when to take a rest day from the gym.

3. You should do your cardio first for better results.

The only difference that of doing cardio before or after weights, is the amount of energy you have to complete it. If you find HiiT very hard compared to the weights, then yes try doing HiiT first when you have more energy. If the weights are more of your focus energy wise (see point 1), then do your cardio at the end. Don’t get caught up thinking there’s some major benefit one way or another, it’s all calorie expenditure.

4. Cardio is only for people who want to lose weight.

The most common of all cardio myths is the belief that cardio is only for people who intend to lose weight. People who are lean easily fall victim to this myth. The truth is cardio exercises help the circulation of blood to the heart, making your immune system stronger. It’ll boost your overall fitness, body composition and it can even be used as a recovery technique at low intensity. It also BENEFITS your weight training as a stronger cardiovascular system will allow you to pump blood more efficiently to your muscles during workouts, you’ll recover quicker between sets too. Some cardio can even boost your goals, for example the stairmaster is a great way to finish off your glutes on a leg day…win win!

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