Lazy Shoulder Day Workout

3 lying shoulder exercises you can do in the gym for fantastic results.

The problem with a lot of gym-favorite shoulder exercises is the struggle to connect with the movement. Take lateral raises for example, people may feel the exercise in their traps more than their lateral delts, or they’ll use more momentum to get the weights up, reducing the tension on the muscle. One sure fire way to get better results and build some noticeable shoulders is to try and isolate your movements even more, have a better connection with it and be able to squeeze the muscle group you’re trying to target. In line with this train of thought, here are 3 lying, isolated exercises you can do in the gym to get more out of your shoulder day workouts.

  1. Lying Incline Front Raises
    Great for isolating the front delts and strengthen your upper back too. Lying will make this harder but will stop you hip driving and knee-dipping the front raise compared to the standing dumbbell/barbell variation.
  2. Lying Cable Lateral Raises
    Perfect for targeting them stubborn side delts when you can’t seem to connect with the dumbbell variation. This variation will take the ‘swing’ out of standing laterals and will keep constant tension on the muscle for much better strength & growth. You can also use the cable cuffs on your wrists for this exercise, taking your grip out of the equation and further isolating the exercise.
  3. Lying Rope Upright Row
    Not only will this cable version isolate your side delts and traps much better, but by using the rope you are able to pull them apart at the top of the movement to reduce any shoulder impingement issues that you may get with a fixed bar.

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