Your Weakest Link

You’re only as strong as your weakest link

This is especially true when it comes to your shoulders as they are one of the most commonly injured areas from working out. Bad shoulder joints, poor mobility and imbalances will almost surely effect some of your exercises such as overhead pressing, bench press, even rows. Here’s some amazing exercises you can use in the gym to bulletproof your shoulders, keeping them healthy and functioning correctly.

  1. Band Pull Aparts
    This exercise trains your rear delts along with the upper back, keeping the shoulders healthy. The rear delts are often neglected in training, so by doing these you can keep on top of them for overall shoulder health alongside your other movements etc.
  2. Shoulder Dislocations
    The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the body, but as we build muscle, get injured, get tight and stiff…your ability to move them through their maximum range decreases. This is why broom (or resistance band) dislocates are so beneficial.
  3. Halo Circles
    The Halo is a blend of strength and mobility. It puts your shoulders through a large range of motion while incorporating your upper back too. This movement should be performed with a weight that allows you to smoothly build strong, injury-resistant shoulders. This exercise can be done with a kettlebell or weights plate.
  4. Lying External Rotations
    The side lying external shoulder rotation promotes better stability and reduces the risk of shoulder injuries. This exercise helps strengthen the rotator cuff and the rear deltoid. A lot of people can struggle with rotator cuff issues, so strengthening them through exercises like this will be hugely beneficial. This can be done as a lying bodyweight exercise, lying on your side and using light dumbbells, or even cable/resistance bands can be used too. Go light!
  5. Thumbs-Up Reverse Raises
    This is another fantastic shoulder stabilization exercise and can be done standing in a hips-back position, or lying face down on the floor. This exercise not only helps with shoulder stability, but work the upper back and rear delts too. If you can’t raise out to your side due to flexibility issues, you can perform Y raises instead where your arms are raised slightly higher up in a Y-shape.

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