One Change For Stronger Pressing

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It’s often the case that the smallest tweak to an exercise or the way you perform it, is what makes the world of difference. Today we look at one simple yet highly effective change that will benefit your pressing movements.

It’s All In The Wrists…

One of the biggest issues you’ll see with people pressing on lifts like bench press or shoulder press is their wrists bent back. This can lead to wrist injuries, pains and also reduces the amount of weight you’ll lift as well as control over the exercise.

When pressing make sure you wrist and hand are all aligned (stacked over each other).

Another big issue and the main reason that peoples wrist tend to bend back more, is that they are holding the bar/dumbbell incorrectly OR positioning it in the wrong position in their palm. Having the bar too high in your hand will fold your wrist back, especially as weight increases (insert possible wrist strains). The ideal here is to have the bar/dumbbell positioned closer to your wrist in your palm, this will put you in a much stronger pushing position as well as help you maintain the ability to keep your wrist straight.

So next time you’ve got a pressing movement in your workout, try these simple tips out and remember;

Bent wrists make the weight harder to press because the bar is further from your wrists!

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