Top 3 Gym Myths

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1 “Weights will make you bulky.”

One of the most feared and often questioned topics with weight training. Using weights WILL NOT bulk you up unless you are EATING IN EXCESS. The stereotype probably comes from bodybuilders and how they look…but you must remember that most bodybuilders train for years and years to obtain that size, as well as eat a lot of food and ‘supplement‘ a lot too. When it comes to females too, they face a harder challenge of gaining muscle as they naturally produce less testosterone than men.

2 “Doing ab exercises will burn stomach fat.”

Doing ANY exercise is good for burning fat as they essentially increase your caloric expenditure. However there’s a common misconception that if you target a particular area of your body, then you’ll lose fat from there. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your genetics and hormones dictate WHERE your body will lose fat from and you CAN’T spot reduce fat unfortunately. This is why commitment and dedication to your routine is important as it can take time and is often the case that the area you want to burn fat from the most, is the last one to go (stubborn areas). Stay consistent and train your whole body!

3 “Muscle turns into fat when you stop working out.”

If you go from working out 4-5 times per week to suddenly stopping, your muscles WILL start to reduce over time, but body fat will increase if your diet sucks. Because of this reducing and increasing, people believe it’s the muscle turning into fat. NO!!! Muscle and fat do not convert to one another as they are two totally different tissues. What is often the case is that the muscle cells are reducing and you’re also losing muscle glycogen (fullness) or water, meaning you start looking smaller over the months. If you’re overeating to your body’s needs, this will result in the growth of your fat cells. So make sure you keep the workouts in as often as you can!

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