The Benefits Of Doing Supersets

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Supersets can be a great tool to have in your fitness journey. If you struggle to fully understand what supersets are and the benefits of using them in your workouts, this blog will explain everything you need to know about them. 

What Are Supersets?

The simplest way to define a superset is when you perform two exercises back to back with little to no rest in-between them. Example…dumbbell rows for 10 reps, straight into dumbbell chest press for 10 reps. No rest between the two exercises until you’ve finished the chest press exercise…that equals 1 full superset. Rest, rinse, repeat.

What Are The Benefits of Doing Supersets?

  • Saves Time – Get more work done in less time by pairing exercises together
  • Metabolic – You’re increasing the workload you do, so more calories burned
  • Muscle Building – You’re increasing the total time under tension on your muscles and taking them to greater fatigue
  • Variety – Great for creating a simple but effective switch up in your routine

So whether you’re looking to get more work done quickly in the gym, looking to blast a certain muscle group with more volume of exercises, or simple wanting a change up in routine to kick-start your results again, make supersets a new addition to your drive for results. 

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