The Benefits Of AMRAP

You may have seen it in the app already, titled as MAX ROUNDS. This is a form of training known as AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) and can be a fun yet challenging way to switch up your routine and keep results coming thick and fast. But what is MAX ROUND training and how will it benefit you?

What Is Max Round (AMRAP) Training?

Max round workouts involve doing as many rounds (of a pre-established circuit of exercises) as possible. You’re basically given a set time to try and complete as much work as you can within the timeframe.

What Are The Benefits Of Max Round Training?

  1. Maximise your workout efficiency – burn a lot of calories in shorter time.
  2. Suitable for any fitness level.
  3. Great self measurement of progress. See how many rounds you complete each time you try it.
  4. Amazing for your fitness levels.
  5. Improves strength, flexibility and conditioning.
  6. Exercises in the circuit can be easily modified or swapped out to suit your needs/equipment
  7. Can be done almost anywhere, requiring little space.
  8. Great for mental toughness enhancing.

App Tip:
If you have a ‘Max Rounds’ set in your workout and you often find it quite taxing, feel free to do this circuit before anything else. The scrolling design of the workout screen will allow you to do sets in the order that suits you, your gym and your goals and it won’t mess up your results!

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