The Benefits Of Isolating

Most are probably sick of seeing or hearing the word ‘isolation’ during this pandemic, but luckily we’re talking about a different kind of isolating in this blog. Isolation exercises are used to tackle one specific muscle group or area of your body ‘in isolation‘. While in reality no exercise will only use one muscle group, isolation exercises specifically target more of one area. Here’s some other benefits of using isolation exercises in your workout plan.

Allows you to focus on form

One of the benefits of isolation exercises is that you solely focus on one specific muscle area at a time. You can allow isolation exercises to act as a way to hone in on the proper form. Focusing on a specific area of your body will allow you to notice where your form can be improved and where other muscles may be overcompensating. For example you could use the video demos in the app for exercises, film yourself doing an exercise and review it, or even use a friend to point out any mistakes you may be making.

Lazer focus in on a specific muscle group

If you’re trying to build and focus on a single muscle group, isolation exercise will be your best friend. When it comes to isolating one exact muscle, isolation exercises give you more control than compound exercises would. So if you’ve got got very specific goals of a particular area of your body to develop, isolation exercises can help work that area.

Correct muscular imbalances

Whether it’s a muscle that you’ve been neglecting, or if you’re coming back from an injury and have to work on an imbalance, isolation exercises can be your best friend. That lazer focusing will allow you to specifically work the muscle/joint that needs work, without overworking other areas of the body in the process.

Reduce required downtime between workouts

When you work your muscles to their max, you must rest and recover before you work the same muscle again. By overtraining and under-recovering, you’re at higher risk of injury. By isolating exercises you can reduce the required downtime because you can rotate between which muscle group you work each day, giving the muscles that need their rest & recovery the time to do so. This can be a great method for someone who loves consistency and regularly goes to the gym.

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