The Benefits Of Weight Training

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Weight training using weighted objects, like dumbbells and barbells, or weight machines, like plate-loaded kit, is used to primarily build strength and muscle. You can also boost your power, muscular endurance and improve your overall health. But outside of this, what are some other benefits of weight training when going to the gym that you may not realise?

  • Support everyday activities
    Weight training in the gym can support your everyday life outside the gym, such as being able to carry heavy items (useful for carrying grocery shopping and perfect for moving house!), walking up stairs etc. It also transfers over perfectly to aid in any sports you may do, like running, football, golf, rowing, tennis etc. 
  • Build muscle and strength
    Lifting weights consistently and over time can help to increase the size of your muscles as well as gradually increase the strength and power your muscles can generate. With weight training, you’re able to target the muscles you want to build through exercise selection. We understand not everyone is training to change their appearance or body composition but if you’re looking to build up or tone areas of your body, weight training is necessary
  • Strengthen bones
    After around the age of 30, you start to lose bone density. Putting force on your bones helps them stay strong and can help to reduce the chance of injuries. We wrote another blog about the importance of weight training over 40 here.
  • Better posture
    Regular weight training targeting the full body can help to strengthen areas such as the back, shoulders and core, which can help you to sit and stand more upright, improving your posture. This is especially helpful for people who sit for a job for a long part of the day or generally suffer from poor posture.
  • Aid weight loss 
    When losing weight some of the weight lost can be muscle mass. As muscle helps to support and strengthen your body, you would probably want to retain as much as you can when losing weight so it’s a good idea to include weight training alongside your cardio. Having more muscle mass will increase your metabolic rate, which influences how many calories you naturally burn at rest. 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety 
    Weight training can help lessen symptoms of depression. On top of the confidence boosting benefits of seeing visible improvements in your abilities and your body, weight training also releases mood-enhancing endorphins that can ease anxieties and improve your mental wellbeing.
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