Why Does Motivation Come & Go?

Easily the biggest issue that comes for the majority of people when going to the gym…trying to stay motivated. You’re not seeing results as quickly as you’d like, you’ve had a few set backs that have dipped your motivation, or maybes you’ve had a prolonged period of time away from the gym and struggling to get re-started. So when it comes to motivation…what main factors make it come and go?

What is motivation?

The process of motivating individuals to take action in order to achieve a goal

Simply put, when you aim to achieve a certain goal and you actually take action in order to get there, or work towards it.

4 reasons why motivation may dip

  • Poor organization
    This can be as simple as going into the gym without a plan of what you’re going to do. Wandering around aimlessly can end up causing you irritation and boredom which in turn can dip your motivation
  • Lack of excitement
    Quite a simple and common one…if you’re not excited about what you’re going to do in the gym, you don’t like being there or simple hate working out, then you’ll have zero motivation to ever get up and start
  • Feeling overwhelmed
    This is quite a common issue with beginners at the gym. It’s a big environment, with lots of different machines and exercises you’ve never seen or done before, as well as lots of people you may feel will judge you in some way. Feeling majorly overwhelmed from the unknown is a common motivation dipper
  • Laziness
    This one is just cold hard truth. Often people understand that getting results and working towards them is hard work…and why do any hard work when it’s easier to just stay at home on the couch watching movies and eating snacks. Laziness is definitely one of the biggest hurdles to get over in order to motivate yourself.

How can you boost your motivation?

Now that you understand and notice possible issues as to why your motivation dips, here are a few points that may help. If you’d like a bit more help getting motivated…we also wrote this blog!

  • Choose a smaller to goal to start with, one that easier and quicker to achieve, many of these over a long time lead to huge successes
  • You’ve got to want to change or achieve something in order to actually get up and get started. Want something bad enough and you’ll soon find the motivation
  • Have a huge amount of faith in the fact that once you’ve worked out, you’ll get a huge endorphin release and you’ll feel way better and more motivated
  • Have a plan of what you’re going to do (this is why we built our app), but also choose one that interest and excites you
  • No-one is going to the gym to judge YOU. They’re there to focus on themselves and their own goals

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