Beat Gym Nerves

How To Beat Gym Nerves

Whether it’s your first time at a gym, a fear of using the equipment incorrectly or simply feeling inferior to other people that may be there…it’s safe to say that you’re definitely not the only one that has their initial gym phobias about going to the gym. Here’s some great tips to boost your confidence…

Preparation is key

Have a fitness plan ready to go if you’re new to it all. What’s great about this is that you can even pre-practice some of the exercises at home before going to the gym. This will help you both physically and mentally, which will give you a confidence boost.

Go with a friend

Easily one of the best ways to boost your confidence and motivation. Having a friend go-along this journey with you will keep you accountable as well as a much needed boost when you’re just not feeling it. It’s also good to share goals with someone who also feels the same gym anxiety as yourself.

Avoid peak gym times

A good way to ease yourself in, allow yourself to breathe a little and not become too overwhelmed is to go to the gym when it’s not overly crowded. Enquire as to when the gym is quieter and set a goal to go a few times while getting to grips with everything.

Focus on YOU not others

We know a big part of gym anxiety is the worrying of what other people think of us. The truth is, they’re probably too busy focusing on themselves in the gym to be thinking about you. A lot of it is self-talk, pulling yourself down in comparison to others. Just remember that EVERYONE had to start somewhere and at some point during their journey they probably felt what you do too! You are on your own journey with your own goals…and by taking that first step, each time you go the anxiety will start to go away.

Now that you’ve got some actionable points to help with gym nerves, here’s how you can keep progressing, stay consistent and smash your goals.

Action cures fear. Indecision, postponement, on the other hand, fuel fear.

David J Schwartz

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